Mapping Collector Remarks in WorkBench

Is there a way to map the Collector Remarks field via the WorkBench? I have tried several workarounds, but have not found a successful solution. I understand that not all fields are mappable – is this one of them? Using Specify-6. Thanks in advance!

Hi @freyma,

The Specify 6 WorkBench does not support importing on any Collector metadata (including all other fields in the ‘Collector’ table such as IsPrimary, OrderNumber, Remarks, Text1, Text2, TimestampCreated, TimestampModified, Version, YesNo1, and YesNo2.

The specify_workbench_datamodel.xml defines all available fields when performing Specify 6 WorkBench uploads. Based on the available fields in this file, it is not possible.

Looking forward, the Specify 7 WorkBench currently supports uploading data to all of these fields! If you have a Specify 7 installation, you can create a mapping like the one below:

Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks so much for reaching out on the forum!