Modify Data Tree Ranks

This video shows how to modify the taxonomy, storage, or geography trees in Specify 6.

Let us know if you have questions!

It is important to remember that the Institution tree is shared by all collections in an institution and all other trees are shared by all collections within a single Discipline.

Is there a way to modify Storage (Institution) tree ranks individually in the different collections?
We have a new storage system for the exhibitions which differs from the general storage system, and we would like to reflect this change in Specify as well.

@ZsPapp At the moment, this is not something that is supported in Specify. Storage is scoped only at the institution-level. You can create a node on the tree for a specific collection as a workaround, but all ranks will be shared among all collections.

I created a feature request on our Specify GitHub issue tracker to introduce this functionality. (#2188)