Preview of Specify 7.7.0 Release [July 2022]

Here is a set of PowerPoint slides turned PNGs that summarize some novelties and upgrades in the upcoming Specify 7 update (May 2022). [Update: Specify 7.7 is now projected to be released in July. We require some additional testing before we can let it out of the barn. Thanks for your patience, we think it will be worth the wait (to get the bugs out). Specify 7.7 has a beautifully revamped interface.]

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Sounds really exciting Jim!
Its great to see the quantity and range of new features in this release. - and there’s a whole load of top asks from our users that you are addressing here, which is exciting.
Query builder, taxon tree (great to see the ranks in the search results - that addresses a key usability issue we’d hit in Botany use), and the Schema re config in particular.

Let us know if there is a demo / beta version of this we can have a play with pre- release?

Great stuff and can’t wait to try it out and implement it for our users!
Now all we need is help upgrading from 7.5.0 that we’re still stuck with, because we’re running on RHEL.

@fedoras If you would like to make deploying and updating the database much simpler, you can switch to Docker and use our compositions.

You can find more information here:

If you need help accessing the GitHub, please let us know!

I get a 404 page, but yes, we have been considering Docker.

what’s the latest ETA on this release?


Late June. We have additional testing to do. The testing will be worth the delay.

Thanks for your patience.


How’s this progressing?
Are we still on track for a release in the next week or so?
Good luck with the final testing :slight_smile:

A note just to convey our support and solidarity to all of the team in these stessful days as you do the last touch ups to Specify 7.7
We are soooo excited and can’t wait to work with Sp 7.7. Thanks so much for your efforts.
You know how much we appreciate all you do.
Íñigo, from Madrid

What a great message from @igranzow!

I also want to convey my encouragement.

I, as a developer, know that there is nothing worse that rushing at the finish line. I hope the entire development team is able to be calm and cool and know that you have my support. The release will come when it comes - my hope is that the developers feel a high level of satisfaction with it before releasing to us. Sending lots of kindness and enthusiasm your way.

Thanks for all your work everyone at Specify!

  • Matthew