Specify 7.7.2 Release Announcement


Release Announcement

Specify 7.7.2 fixes a number of bugs present in Specify 7.7.1. It introduces the ability to customize subview grid column widths and the option to customize the tree search algorithim. The autocomplete function now uses the HeadlessUI library. Bugs fixed include the taxonID field now being populated, ExsiccataItem can now be uploaded in the WorkBench, exporting queries to reports now works with text field types, partial dates no longer use underscores in their database name, and more.

Starting with Specify 7.7.1, we have started issuing frequent updates to Specify 7, with a minor release every two weeks. Releases with the second number incremented, e.g. 7.6.x to 7.7.x, will include major new features, components or capabilities. Minor or “Point” releases (third number incremented), e.g. 7.7.1 to 7.7.2, will introduce smaller features with an emphasis on bug fixes.

Specify 7.7.2 is not compatible with Specify 6.8.0; it requires databases to be at the Specify 6.8.01 level.


  • Allow customizing SubView grid column widths (#2035)
  • Allow customizing tree search algorithm (#2001)
  • Added credits to institutions in the CHANGELOG.md file (#2071)


  • Rewrite Autocomplete to use HeadlessUI library (#1986)
  • Fetch pick lists on demand (#1988)


  • Fixed taxonId field on the forms not getting populated (#2083)
  • Fixed ExsiccataItem table being hidden in the WorkBench (#2077) - Reported by CSIRO
  • Fix Taxon.taxonId field not getting populated (#2087)
  • Don’t use underscore for partial date fields (#2066)
  • Convert “text” → “java.lang.String” when creating report from query (#2059)
  • Fix Sp7.7 not parsing QCB’s TypeSearch correctly (#2026)
  • Fix Schema Config failing on no description strings (#2024)

Specify Collections Consortium
Biodiversity Institute
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045, USA


The full changelog is available on GitHub.

Specify Users: see Specify Community Forum for more information, https://discourse.specifysoftware.org/, and see: Specify 7 | Specify Collections Consortium

System Administrators: for source code go to: GitHub - specify/specify7: Specify 7

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Your changelog link is broken.

It should be: specify7/CHANGELOG.md at production · specify/specify7 · GitHub

Thank you Fedor! :slight_smile: