Querying specific field for a specific taxonomic rank

I have a similar issue as Querying taxon group number

In our latest collection we assigned several new fields to taxa on Species level.

I would like to retrieve some of them in one of my queries.
Though, when constructing a collection object query, I am unable to specify species taxonomic rank and still select these fields. The only options are Author, Full Name and ID.

I can see that the related GitHub ticket is soon to be closed, but it seems to only solve that specific case (group number support), not in general.
Any hope to tackle the general issue as well? ( Add support for querying on any tree table field from a chosen rank)

Hi @ZsPapp,

As you mentioned, in the next Specify release, we are expanding the query builder’s capabilities to allow searching on the “Group Number” field at any rank, but not on every field. The issue requesting this functionality to be expanded to all fields (#4697) is still open, though I do wish for this functionality to be added as soon as possible.

I’ve added your request to the issue to emphasize the importance of resolving this! I have also forwarded this suggestion to the developers for consideration in a future release.

Thank you, Grant!

I’m looking forward to have this functionality to be expanded to all fields. J