Querying taxon group number

In our fish collection database we assign each family a group number. When running collection object queries, this group number field (Determinations > Taxon > [any rank] > “Family Group” > [any]) is blank for all records identified to genus or species. All family-level taxa have a group number and the field is empty for all other taxa (at the ranks of Order, Genus, Species, etc.). If a collection object is identified only to family, the correct group number is returned by the query.

How do I return family group number for collection objects identified to genus or species? When constructing a collection object query, I am unable to specify family taxonomic rank and still select group number. A query line that begins Determinations > Taxon > Family gives only two remaining options: > Author and > Full Name. How do I unhide group number from this list?

Specify v7.8.11. Thanks,

Hi Dave,

At the moment, there is not a way to unhide additional fields in the query builder when broken into individual ranks in a tree. The only two options are Author and Full Name as you mentioned.

There is a workaround so that you only return taxa records where the Taxonomic Rank is equal to the rank in your tree. For instance, the query below only returns records from the taxon table where the rank is equal to Family.

You may need to check “Reveal Hidden Form Fields” in the bottom left of the query builder so that you can reveal the Taxonomic Rank link from Taxon (any rank).

Reveal Hidden Form Fields checkbox

This will allow you to return the Group Number field and restrict your query to only families!

Thanks Grant!