Record Modification History

Not sure if this feature already exists, otherwise there’s a lot of demand for it.

To our current understanding, Specify only records the TimeStampModified of a record (be it a collectionobject or something else) and the agentid doing the modification, but not a history of what has been changed over time. What we’re looking for is a recorded history of modifications, meaning what has been changed by whom at what moment.


This kind of detail in auditing would certainly make our QA people happy.

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I haven’t implemented it myself yet, so I do not know what it looks like in the front end, but I remember having seen something in the release notes of a fairly recent release, or maybe it was demonstrated at the Speciforum. In any case, I can see the data that I think you are looking for in the spauditfield table, so the most important bit is already there.

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in the recent versions of Specify 6 all modifications are recorded in the log tables, in the preferences you can set for how long the modifications are kept
An access via Specify to these tables seems not to exist though, you need something like HeidiSQL or similar

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@Schuchert We have a topic on how to build audit log queries here:

Let us know if you have questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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We’re elated to hear this is already a well-supported feature in Specify! :grinning: