Adding new taxa to tree requires isHybrid checked; Sp7

Hi all! First post in the forums, so please let me know if I’m in the wrong place. Get help sounded about right, but this might also be more of a bug report…

I had to add to new taxa to our Taxon tree in Sp7 today and was unable to do so on both my work laptop (chrome) and mobile phone (over data, Firefox). Did not function via “Add Child” from the tree itself, while clicked on parent, or from the Determinations taxon field’s “+New” in its dropdown in the catalog object page.

Upon seeing the summary complaining about the “isHybrid” field being… unhappy (can’t recall the specific terminology), I tried saving the new taxon with isHybrid checked (although the species was not a hybrid).

with isHybrid checked, I was able to add each taxa. Then went back in to edit the taxa removing the TRUE check for isHybrid. My curator/Sp7 head has confirmed that “isHybrid is NOT marked as a required field in the schema config.”

I’ve downloaded the full error report, but the main issue seems to be this at the top:

{"message":["Error occurred fetching from",{"type":"invalidResponseCode","statusText":["Invalid response code 500. Expected one of 200, 201, and 409.","\n    This error may indicate a misconfiguration or a bug in Specify. Please\n    double check your configuration and report this issue.\n  ","Response:"]

Thanks all!

Hi @cefuchs,

This is exactly the right spot for questions like this one!

This is a bug that was reported last week and is now resolved:

This error will no longer occur once your Specify 7 instance has been updated to v7.8.5 (which is out now)!

If you are looking for a workaround until the update takes place, you can check and uncheck the Hybrid checkbox before saving a new record.

All Specify Cloud instances (including fwri) will be updated in the next 24-48 hours! Let me know if you would like me to push the update sooner!

Thank you for reaching out!

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Hi @cefuchs,

The instance is now updated! Let me know if you encounter this issue again!