Remove new button and edit button from query combobox

Version: Specify 7.9.3

Based on the documentation listed on the github wiki for forms Form System · specify/specify7 Wiki · GitHub, adding newBtn=false within initialize should remove the add button from the query combobox. The same with the edit button through editBtn=false.

Looking through the global views example configuration in the Specify 6 github repository, there are instances of newbtn=false and editbtn=false using a lowercase B instead of an uppercase. It appears that the argument is case insensitive.

I have tried to adjust the storage query combobox within the Preparations table to not have the edit button and new button using the xml below, however the changes do not seem to be applying.

<cell type="label" labelfor="4"/>
<cell type="field" id="4" name="storage" uitype="querycbx" initialize="name=Storage;editbtn=false;newbtn=false" colspan="10"/>

What is interesting is that adding a button that is default false value does work as anticipated. If I put the following, the clone button will appear when by default it is not included.

<cell type="label" labelfor="4"/>
<cell type="field" id="4" name="storage" uitype="querycbx" initialize="name=Storage;clonebtn=true" colspan="10"/>

Has anyone successfully modified a query combobox to remove the new button and edit button and can help me see where I am going wrong?

teach.views.xml (28.8 KB)

Hi @markp,

Those XML attributes (newBtn, editBtn, and searchBtn) are supported in Specify 6 but not yet in Specify 7. Only viewBtn and cloneBtn are supported at this time.

The Form System documentation was updated to include support for those attributes, but the version that introduces support is not yet released (it will be included in v7.9.4 which is currently unreleased).

I’ve updated the documentation to clarify that it is not yet available, but it is coming very soon!

Thank you for reaching out and for your diligent research!