Reports: Emailing from Specify or saving a file per record

Can the facility to email be used for anything other than record sets and information requests?
I am wondering about the ability to send reports/letters to agents (collectors) connected with the collection object. (Ideally it could even be automated - perhaps using an API.)
So far it appears to me as if the report for each record would have to be run and saved individually (no ability to ‘merge’ to separate files per record) and then sent manually from a separate mail client (including typing in the email address from the agent record.)
Have I missed other options? Or does anyone have solutions to similar situations that they could share?
We use 6.8.03 and are starting to use Specify 7 also

Hi @KateByrne,

Specify 7 doesn’t have a mail server component, nor the ability to add configuration details for outgoing emails like in Specify 6 as far as I am aware. Therefore, I believe that the current workflow of copying the email address of the person you wish to send the information to and sending from your mail client is the best (only) workflow at present.

As for the API, in theory there is a ton that is possible (downloading information associated with the collection object, getting the email address of associated collectors etc) but you would need someone to develop the code for that workflow.

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Thanks for the information - I’m a little surprised the ability to send correspondence has been reduced. I initially hoped the email capability might be used to ‘mail merge’ and send reports.
Has anyone at least found a good way to separate (paginated by record) reports as separate files when saving the report?
If not manual steps to send out letters (from a report based on a query that finds a group of collectors) will be numerous!