Select all entries from a query for record set and csv

Greetings, a hopefully easy question from a basic user. I created a query and want to save it as a record set and also as a csv. There are 12,000+ records, but the record set only saves the first. There must be a “select all” function somewhere?

Hi @CWood,

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If you select no records and choose Create CSV or Create Record Set, Specify will export all of the records to a CSV and include all of the reports in the record set.

Once you select a record or several records, those buttons will only export or create a record set from what you have selected.

Can you provide more information on your Specify version and screenshots of what you are encountering?

Thank you!

Well, this time it worked. Another puppy question, while I have your attention. I sorted the query by a certain field (specimen number) but the saved record set does not place them in that order. How do I sort the record set to be sequential by that field?

Hi @CWood,

After using the “sort” feature on a query term I was able to confirm the record set created maintained the order of items in the query results.

For example, when I ordered my catalog number in “Descending Order”, I see that it starts with 6 and goes down.

After creating a record set with the Create Record Set button, I find that it preserves the order of the records from the query:

When I ordered my catalog number in “Ascending Order”, I see that it starts with 3 and goes up.

After following the same process, I also found that the order is preserved:

Can you share a screenshot of your query? You might want to make sure the order returned in the query is the order you want to have in the record set before creating it. I will take a closer look!

Thank you!

Hi, Here is a screenshot of the query. Thanks!

Hi @CWood,

I was able to recreate the issue where the sorting was ignored with that query. It looks like the back-end isn’t ordering them properly.

I have manually created a record set owned by your account that orders these records according to your preference. It is named Ordered 2/14/2024 Anthropology Query for NAGPRA and is available now. As for the issue you described, I’ve written it up so that our developers can resolve it going forward.

Thank you!

Thank you! How do I access it? (Um, I often am working with stone tools and such, sorry for not being too tech savvy.

Hi @CWood,

If you are logged in as administrator in your database, you should see it in the list of record sets when you click on the :record_sets_: Record Sets item in the navigation menu on the left side!