BUG? Recordsets in Specify7 ignore order number

We just upgraded our Specify7 installation and encouraged our users to move away from Specify6, but one user at least couldn’t because of the way recordsets are ordered. In Specify6 this user has their records in a set order, which they need it to be in for practical reasons. I can see in the database that its records are ordered according to the “OrderNumber” column. However, in Specify7 the records in this same recordset appear jumbled. Looking at the database they seem to be ordered by the RecordSetItemID column, while the OrderNumber column is completely ignored. Is this a shortcoming of Specify7?

Hi @fedoras,

Specify 7 does not currently use the OrderNumber field associated with record set items to dictate the order in which they are displayed.

I’ve created a GitHub issue to make our development team aware of this problem:

The issue is that it orders by RecordSetItemID rather than OrderNumber, which is fine when the items are added sequentially, but causes an issue in the case you’ve described.

Specify 7 does not use the OrderNumber field at all, which may explain why it has not been reported as an issue until this point.

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