SPNHC-TDWG 2024: Call for interest

Dear Specificians –

We greatly value networking at SPNHC conferences, especially when the meeting is a “two-fer” combined with the annual TDWG activity. The meetings provide direct opportunities to connect with Specify users, exchange user stories, and offer data management support. This year’s joint conference in Okinawa should be muy interesting.

We in the Consortium office are assessing the level of our participation and are considering throwing an in-person Specify Symposium. Before we can settle on our level of our involvement, it would be extremely helpful to know the extent to which Specify Consortium members have Okinawa on their travel calendar. Or perhaps are thinking about virtual participation.

If you are planning to attend and/or are interested in the possibility of presenting on a project involving Specify software would kindly let us know now by replying to this post here or by reaching out directly at support@specifysoftware.org. Thank you!

We look forward to hearing of your intentions and hope we will see you at SPNHC-TDWG 2024 :jp::earth_asia:

Dear Specify community,
I would be interested to attend the meeting in case it will be in hybrid form (i will join online). My poster or presentation would describe our experience of using Specify for Fungaria collections and on national- and regional scales in Russia. Last year i attended Speciforum and it was usefull learning others experiences. Looking forward to this event!


Hi Specify,
We at the RBGE intend to send several staff (3-4 approx) to the SPNHC & TDWG conference, and we would be very happy to contribute to a session. As you will be aware we have a number of topics we can present upon.

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Hi Specify team. At least two of us from MEL (National Herbarium of Victoria, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria) will be attending, and can likely come up with something to contribute to a session.

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Hi @Nina, @rcubey, and @AlisonV,

Thank you for your interest! We submitted a proposal and will review our level of involvement very soon. I hope one of our staff members can make the journey to Okinawa later this year.