Strange behaviour with 'create csv' from SELECTED query results

I often just export query results when I am after particular data fields exported. I find it a nice/easy way of getting data out. In the past, I have always just used the ‘create csv’ button. A window pops up and says I will be notified when the file is ready, then when I see the notification, I download from there (eg. “query_results_2023-08-02T19_46_15.640114.csv”). I have never had any problems with the formatting or outputs.

Today, I tried selecting a subset of records to export, but when I clicked the ‘create csv’ a download window popped up (like when you download a crash report) and then popped up again (like the crash reports do sometimes). The notice of ‘Export File being created’ did not pop-up. The naming convention for the file was different (used the query name; “Taxon Query with location - Wed Aug 02 2023.csv”), but the file downloaded. I thought it was weird, but didn’t think too much of it, until I looked at the file. For some reason, there was a formatting error, with several fields of data displaced from their columns. This was easy to see in such a small export, but concerning if it had been a larger one. Not sure whether this is user error or not, but seems like there is something ‘strange’ happening there.

Query result display; Great!

Export output when no records are selected: Great!

Export output with some records selected: what the heck?? columns weird, and data displaced!

A workaround is easy, to just export all, and delete the rows/records you don’t want, but seems a bit risky to be able to select some records, and have the data get so distorted.

Hi Heather,

Thank you for providing such a detailed account of the issue you encountered. Your insights have been invaluable in helping us diagnose the problem.

Upon investigation, we’ve identified that the issue arises when the exported values contain commas. This isn’t currently supported when creating a CSV for selected items. The distortion you observed in your data was caused specifically by the ‘Locality’ column.

We have documented this bug in a GitHub issue, and our developers are prioritizing a fix.

Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We value your feedback and will ensure this gets addressed promptly.

Best regards,

Carlos from Specify.

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I thought those pesky commas were likely not helping! I am really appreciating many of the S7 features, and find the level of support here amazing!