Table Format Editor in Specify 7

On the Collection Object form in our fish database, the Collecting Event bar displays only the Start Date field from the Collecting Event table. At minimum, I would like to change it to display only Field Number (from Collecting Event table). Ideally, it would display Field Number; Start Date; Locality Name (from Locality table). How do I make these changes within Specify 7?

Specify v7.8.13. Thanks,

Hi David, if I understand your question correctly, you are trying to change what is displayed on a form within Specify 7? This can be done by going through App Resources, and then adjusting the form definition to show the fields that you mention.

Here may be a good place to start to understand forms in Specify 7 → What is a Form Definition?, and many things within this discourse forum have the “forms” tag, which may be of use.

Thank you, Mark, this was exactly what I was after! I was able to make the desired changes by editing the Data Object Formatters within App Resources.