Tree behaviours

When working in the S7 tree, I really appreciate when it ‘jumps’ back to where I was. I often have many edits to do in the same part of the tree, or am working my way through. I have found on edits, merges, and synonomy, the tree display ‘returns’ to where I was. Love it.

For some reason, on ‘delete’ it doesn’t go back, and I am left at the top of the tree, and have to enter another search, or guess where to scroll to. I understand you can’t jump back to the node I deleted, but I would find it very useful (and time-saving) if it would jump back to the parent node (of the node just deleted).

Thanks for considering!

Hi @HeatherC,

I have created a feature request on GitHub for this functionality!

Thank you for your feedback!

@Specify I wasn’t sure whether this was the best placed to document this, but relating to these (and related) tree behaviors is the ‘confirm’ text, at the moment, authors are not included in that text. It isn’t vital, but would be value-added (in my opinion).