WorkBench Preferences


The WorkBench allows a few system settings to be changed in the Preferences menu.

  • For Mac: Choose Specify > Preferences.
  • For Windows and Linux: Choose Edit > Preferences.


Click the Formatting button (form) to view the Formatting Preferences.


Formatting Preferences

This preference enables the font and font size to to be adjusted for the user-interface.

A text label (This is a Test) displays a preview of the font. Before changing the font, verify that it will display correctly by checking the preview. If the font does not display 'This is a Test' correctly, then the font will not work with the WorkBench.

Changes in the font settings will only be applied to new Data Set work spaces and will not effect the side bar.


Click the System button (system) to view the System Preferences.


System Preferences


The Cache stores images locally so they can easily be displayed. Clearing the cache will recover memory on the disk drive and ensure that the newest image will be downloaded.

Version Checking

This preference enables the user to be notified at start up if there are any updates available for Specify's WorkBench. Turning this off will not effect any other features of the WorkBench.

Usage Statistics

The WorkBench tracks various user actions and sends the Specify engineering team summaries to enable us to make improvements to the 'user experience' in the future. This feature is completely anonymous, the application is unable to track any user or data specific information. It assists us a great deal if this is left enabled.