Add a User

To Add a User:

A user is different than an agent, but a user must be associated with an agent. A user is someone who has access to the database as a Guest, Limited Access User, Full Access User, Manager, or Administrator. An agent is a person, organization, group, or other who is related to the collection in a capacity such as a cataloger, prepator, determiner, loaner, borrower, etc. The user must be associated with an agent in the database. The agent can be created before the user or the agent can be created during the user creation process.

  1. In Specify, go to System in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select System Setup then Security Tools from the drop down menu that appears.


  1. In the Security Tools screen, click the plus next to the collection to which you would like to add a user in order to expand the list of user types.

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  1. Click the user group to which you would like to add a user.


  1. Two icons will become enabled under the user group box. The first icon is used to create a new user (not associated with any collection). The second icon is used to add a previously existing user to a different collection. For instructions on adding a previously exiting user, refer to the section entitled “To Add an Existing User” further down in this document.


To Create a New User

  1. Click the icon with the red shirt.

  2. In the window that appears, enter the username and password you would like the user to have. Enter an email if there is one (it is not required).

  1. You should click Generate Master Key at this point. You can do it later but it is far easier and more efficient to do it now. An encrypted key will be created and copied to your clipboard. You should paste this somewhere. The user will need this key the first time he/she logs into the database from a new computer. The same key can be used at multiple computers if it is generated here.

  1. Click OK on the warning window and on the Specify User window.

  2. A window will appear asking if you are creating a new agent or creating an agent. An agent is any person already in your database (i.e. collector, determiner, etc.). Select the appropriate option.


  1. A. If you are adding a new agent, click Create. The agent form will appear for you to add the new user. Enter in your user information (as much as you want) and click OK.

B. The new user will be added to the level you previously selected and the agent will be added to the list of agents. (Continue to step 6.)

  1. A. If you are using an agent who is already in the database, click Search. The Agent Search window will appear. Enter at least the last name of the agent you are searching for (you can add more information if you want to narrow down the options). Click Search.

B. Select the correct agent from the resulting list and click OK. If the name is not in the list, try deleting some of the information searched on or using wildcard searches.

C. The new user will be added to the level you previously selected and associated with the agent you selected.

  1. You will need to reconfigure the master key before you can login as the new user. For instructions on reconfiguring a master key, refer to the “To Reconfigure a Master Key” document.

To Add an Existing User (User created in another collection)

  1. Click the icon with the green shirt.

  2. A list of existing users who are not already associated with the collection will appear. Select the user you would like to add and click OK.


  1. The user will now be associated with the collection at the level you specified.

  1. When you login as that user in the future, you will be prompted to choose which Collection you are logging into. Select the desired collection and click OK. You will be taken to that collection.