Collecting events disambiguation in workbench Specify 7

I have many collecting events that are the same except for some details that recorded in the collecting event attributes table.
I am getting many disambiguation messages in the workbench which seem to be caused by the workbench not “looking at” the collecting event attributes table and using only the collecting event and the locality tables to decide weather the record already exists.
If that what is happening?

Let me give you an example.

The table below shows the data in the collecting event, locality and collecting event attribute tables for one of the cases where the disambiguation message appears:

CollectingEventID StartDate StartDatePrecision CollectingEventAttributeID LocalityID LocalityID_1 Lat1Text LocalityName Long1Text Text2_9 GeographyID CollectingEventAttributeID_20 Text1_27
23294 01.06.1966 2 5662 11623 11623 43.27 Cap d’Agde 3.5 Hérault 254774 5662 Gravel/sand shore
23349 01.06.1966 2 5715 11623 11623 43.27 Cap d’Agde 3.5 Hérault 254774 5715 Sand/fine gravel beach
24015 01.06.1966 2 6205 11623 11623 43.27 Cap d’Agde 3.5 Hérault 254774 6205 Sand/stone beach
24016 01.06.1966 2 6206 11623 11623 43.27 Cap d’Agde 3.5 Hérault 254774 6206 Sandy beach

The 4 collecting events have the same data except for column text1_27, which is a field for environment/habitat info.
The new record I am trying to import has a “Sand/stone beach” value for that field, so it should be assigned to the collecting event with ID 24015. But it is not.

I am really puzzled and stuck, cannot continue the import because there are hundreds and hundreds of errors that require disambiguations.

Any suggestions of what might be wrong?