Date format settings

The new version of Specify7 is showing dates in US format. Is there any way to change this? I’ve been going through preferences, but couldn’t find anything.

Since 7.7, the date format displayed on the form is dependent on your browser’s locale settings. Changing the browser locale would change the date format. The inability to overwrite the date format is a shortcoming of the native web date pickers.

The data saved in the database is still using the custom date format you defined.

However, if you would like forms to always use the custom date format, rather than depend on user’s browser settings, you can disable the “Use accessible full date picker” option in user preferences (under Forms → Form Definition).

You can also change the default user preferences to update this for all users.
Documentation for changing default user preferences in 7.7 - Setting default user preferences · specify/specify7 Wiki · GitHub
Changing default user preferences would become simpler in 7.8