Determination: Taxon search "contains" instead of "starts with"?

When entering a determination, starting to type the taxon name appears to query as “starts with”, like e.g.:


However, if you’re unsure about the genus name, it would be nice to be able to start with the species name.

Is there any way to change this behaviour so Specify7 will query as “contains” instead?

Hi Fedor!

What version of Specify 7 are you using?

This feature is already implemented as of Specify 7.7.1!

In Specify 7.7.1 and later:

By default, Query Combo Boxes (for relationships with tree tables) use a “Contains (case-insensitive)” search algorithm.

This option can be changed in User Preferences, in the “Forms” section (see picture below):

Here is an example of this in action:

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Thank you! I will look into this.