Duplicate picklist options


I am trying to upload via the workbench a spreadsheet with collection object data. The problem is that in the preparation type picklist there are multiple options for the same thing, so it doesn’t know which one to choose. For example, two options for 70% Ethanol. Each of these have collection objects attached to them (over 7,000 each) so I can’t delete the extra one. Is there a way to merge them or to fix this?


Hi @fergashl,

You need to remove the duplicate preptype record in your database to prevent this issue! After taking a look at your database, I can see this issue in the “Invertebrates” collection. Would you like me to clean this up for you?

Essentially, you need to build a search on the “PrepType” table by going to https://your_specify_instance.specifycloud.org/specify/query/new/preptype/ and from there you can identify duplicate preparation type records.

From there, you can remove duplicates as long as you can verify that the names are identical (this can be done by building a “distinct” query).

If you could work on it that would be great! The problem is in the Invertebrate collection.

I guess I am not sure how to fix it without going through all 7,000 specimens and fixing each one.

Hi @fergashl,

I’ve fixed the issue in your database! You should be able to continue with your WorkBench upload!

Thank you!

Would it be possible to fix the other duplicate picklist item (Fluid-Ethylene Glycol in pitfall trap)?

Hi @fergashl,

Yes! I removed the duplicates yesterday from your Invertebrate collection.