Error querying the Collection Relationship table

Hi! Months ago I configured a Collection Object relationship with itself following this post:
[Problem creating a new Collection Relationship Type]

The relationship is working well, the related specimens appear where they are meant to appear:

And querying the collection object table for related specimens also works well:

However, querying the Collection Relationship table gives an error if the Collection Rel Type field is added:

This is the error file:
Specify 7 Crash Report - 2024-06-21T15_57_20.596Z.txt (355.6 KB)

If that field is not included in the query, it works, but then form gets stuck in loading that field:

This was all working well before. May it have something to do with the Specify update to the new version?

Hi @sorosoro,

This is due to a problem specific to Collection Rel Type being displayed as a query combo box. The system automatically creates and assigns a pick list for this field, and when attempting to retrieve data (i.e. populate the query combo box field), it is also trying to scope the pick list items.

The system’s attempt to scope the pick list items is a new behavior introduced along with system enhancements for collection relationship WorkBench uploads and scoping of front end requests in general.

This is written up on GitHub, where I’ve just left a comment reporting your encounter with this. We hope to have this resolved soon, let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks for reaching out!

– Bronwyn

Thanks @Bronwyn.

Hi @sorosoro,

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Thanks Bronwyn (I hope this goes now to the right Bronwyn)

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