Problem creating a new Collection Relationship Type

Hi. I have added a Host Taxon ID relationship in the Collecting Event Attributes table of a collection. It seems to be working well.

Now I want to add another relationship to that collection (i.e. the left side collection), this time an Object relationship in the Collection Object table. But I cannot create a new relationship type.
In the form to add a Collection Relationship Type I can enter a name, but not the left and right side collections, whatever collection name I enter, it gets deleted. And nothing happens when clicking the magnifier glass.

I also cloned the Collection Relationship Type that is working well, and I could change the name of the relationship and save it as a new Collection Relationship Type, but I could not change the left and right side collection.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

Hi @sorosoro,

There is a known bug with the Collection Relationship Type form in Sp7 where it has reverted to the default form of Sp6, making it rather dysfunctional.

There is a GitHub issue that I have updated and passed along to the development team to be addressed with higher priority.

In the meantime, I have just two ways for you to work around this.

  1. You can create the new collection relationship type through Specify 6. For this I recommend following the documentation we have here on the Forum.

  2. If you have access, a new collection relationship type can be created with through SQL at the database level.

For the second option, I was given these instructions to help guide you through that process:

INSRT INTO collectionreltype (timestampcreated, version, name, leftsidecollectionid, rightsidecollectionid) VALUES (now(), 0, "NAME", SOURCE_COLLECTION_ID, DESTINATION_COLLECTION_ID);

Replacing the following:

  • NAME with the name of the collectionreltype

  • keep the quotes surrounding the value

  • SOURCE_COLLECTION_ID with the id of the source/leftside collection

  • DESTINATION_COLLECTION_ID with the id of the destination/rightside collection

Please let me know of any further support I can provide at this time.

Thank you for reaching out!

– Bronwyn ツ

Hi @bronwyncombs, this clears up an issue that I had submitted in November New Collection Relationship Form Missing Left and Right Side Query Comboboxes · Issue #4185 · specify/specify7 · GitHub.

I believe the documentation had previously had the url string /specify/view/collectionreltype/new/, when this post makes clear that the url should be /view/collectionrelationship/new, which I have tested and is displaying as intended. I notice that they are slightly different, but reltype seems to be a valid url but with a buggy form (at least on my end), so may wish to investigate when going into this section of the documentation.

Edit: I see now that the relationship type is a subform of collectionrelationship. It is just the arrow above the name field that makes it look like there should be something there, (fields on either side of the arrow)

Hi @markp,

Sorry for any confusion I’ve caused!

Unfortunately, the initial workaround I offered on this post was not valid.
Please see the edits to my response for the updated suggestions in establishing a new collection relationship type in Sp7.

Thank you!

– Bronwyn

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Thanks @bronwyncombs! Glad there is a workaround :slight_smile: I will try this it out.