Form scroll function disappeared

hello, I noticed that this started happening a little while ago (maybe about the time of the switch to the side menu bar?), but wasn’t on the right machine to document. Over the past few weeks, when I have a Collection Object form open (eg. from ‘Browse in forms’ option from a query). I can’t use my mouse wheel to scroll up and down the form, and the ‘bar’ isn’t visible at the side. I can tab-all the way through to the other fields, but then also have to tab all the way back.

This is happening in Google Chrome, and in Microsoft Edge. I can still re-size the pop-up window, but nothing I did enabled the ability to scroll down the form.


Hi @HeatherC,

This has been fixed on the latest version of Specify 7. Since you are using Specify Cloud, I can update your instance later today!

You can workaround this by zooming out in your browser (By pressing Ctrl+- on Windows or +- on Mac) until this update.

The fix for this scroll issue will be released in Specify v7.8.9 next week.

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Amazing! You are all AMAZING!

No urgency on my side, fine to wait for the push, the ‘zoom’ helped, but still didn’t get me to my whole form. We aren’t doing much of that right now though, so we can just wait for the update!