Getting started with reports

Hi everyone,

I am sharing a ZIP file with 3 of our KU Ichthyology report documents along with PDF previews to get you started building reports:

Reports with (168.6 KB)

Check out this document to import one of these reports into Specify:

To Import New Reports or Labels.doc (260 KB)

Keep in mind you can always start without a template or imported report.

For our members, we have a comprehensive report and label manual available. Feel free to use this and reference it while working on your labels in iReport:

Specify-6-Report-and-Label-Manual.pdf (5.9 MB)

Let us know if you have any questions!


We’re having a big issue with adding static text fields to the summary which fills more than one page. It doesn’t allow for the summary band to beyond one page. So we added it to the “noData” band, but that doesn’t show up in the eventual report generation. What to do? :man_shrugging:

We kinda solved it by decreasing the font size, but it’s rather off-putting that it’s so rigid.

iReport limits the height of the <summary> section so that it is not possible to make it any larger than a single page. You will need to modify the XML to make the height greater than the report’s size.

Important Note: You will need to modify the XML in Specify 7 or export the label/report from 6 before proceeding. Modifying the label in Specify 7 is the easiest method currently.

After this is modified, change the splitType to splitType="Immediate". Modify the report to fill this new space.

I doubled the height and placed more static text in the new area.

After running the report and you should now have multiple pages for your summary section!

The noData section is only meant to be displayed if there is no data present (and it is configured in the report properties in iReport).


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