Global preferences

When editing the preferences in Sp7, the changes only applies to the current collection. Our institution have several collections, and as an admin who frequently changes collections, it is annoying to have to set for example font size repeatedly for all of them.
Is there any way of setting the same prefs for all collections?

Hi @chrisGNM,

I’ve just added a short guide on how to establish default user preferences so that they can be set for all users by default.

UserPreferences set for an individual user cannot be shared between multiple collections easily. You can Download your UserPreferences file in App Resources from one collection and use the Load File feature to import it into another if you want your preferences to be unique to your user across collections.

Do you want a unique set of preferences for your user that is shared across all collections, or would the approach of configuring default user preferences for all users work for you?

Thank you for the guide, it gives further insight in the possibilities. However, this is not really what I was after. To me, the nature of the preferences (font size, colours etc) are such that they feel intuitively global. It is still my point that they should be shared across collections.

Hi @chrisGNM,

Thanks for your reply! I have added a feature request for this capability on GitHub:

Thank you. This issue certainly is no game changer, but it would improve UX, I think.

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