Standardize color scheme for all users at the collection level

I use the UI (Preferences) to update the UI (e.g. , colour scheme and logo). How can I ensure the same UI settings for all users within a collection? Thanks.

Currently the colour preferences are set at the individual level, however there is an open issue to implement global preferences for an individual user, found here: Add 'global preferences' for an individual user · Issue #4236 · specify/specify7 · GitHub, which could make what I outline below slightly faster.

My current workaround for this issue is to:

  1. Create a new user
  2. Login as that user, go to preferences and set the colour scheme, logo, background etc for each of the collections I have given them permission for
  3. Send the user login information to the user with password change instructions.

If they choose to alter the interface from what I set as the default that’s okay, that’s why they call them preferences!

Hi @kitchenprinzessin,

You can follow this guide to set up default user preferences at any level (collection, discipline, institution) for all users. These default preferences are only overwritten if the user themselves changes something in their preferences.

You can set a logo, color scheme, or anything other preference from here!

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Ah thank you! Using the app resources is a much better/faster way to do it, and definitely more appropriate for what @kitchenprinzessin is after!

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Global preferences - Fab! Thank you…