Setting Default User Preferences

In Specify 7.7.0, the User Preferences menu was introduced! This menu enables users to customize various preferences such as appearance, behavior, home page, navigation menu, interactions, forms, collection chooser, attachments, tree editor, query builder, record merging, reports and labels, WorkBench, app resources, and GeoMap.

Setting custom default preferences for both new and existing users can be a great idea!

Defaults can be set for each collection, discipline, or institution. These defaults apply to all users in the corresponding collection, discipline, or institution.


  1. Set desired preferences for your user

  2. Open the App Resources viewer in Specify

  3. Click on Add Resource below the relevant level in the scoping hierarchy where you want to define the default preferences.

  4. Select :gear_: App Resource

  5. Select :gear_: Default User Preferences

    Click Save.

  6. Edit the new DefaultUserPreferences file by setting the preferences using the visual editor.

  7. Click Save. Log out and back in to see the new defaults applied!

Note: The default values set here only affect the preference value used when the user hasn’t explicitly set a different value.

To change preferences for a specific user, either sign in as that user and access their “User Preferences” panel, or edit the UserPreferences app resource file linked to that user at the appropriate level in the App Resources hierarchy.