How to Duplicate a Report or Label

Being able to duplicate a single report or label is useful for testing purposes and allows you to make modifications to an established label without replacing the original.

  1. Click on Reports in the navigation menu

  1. Find your desired report or label and click on the :pencil2: icon to the right.


  1. Download the report or label from the resources page

  1. Now click on Queries in the navigation menu. From here, you need to find the query that was used to create the report.


  1. Once you have found the query, you can click on the :pencil2: icon and then Define report based on query or Define label based on query depending on the report or label you are trying to clone.

    Now you can give it a name.



  1. Now that you have defined a new report or label based on the query, you need to upload the downloaded definition for that report. You should be automatically brought to the new resource file for that report or label.

    This is as simple as loading the file. Click Load File and selected the JRXML file we exported in the previous step.

  1. Now that you have selected your JXML file and it has replaced the body of the resource with the contents correctly, you can click Save.

Now you have an identical clone of your original label or report!