Reports and labels depend on one users

Reports, invoices, and labels are linked to a query which is stored and accessible for a particular user only (Specify 6). This causes problems when the user leaves and you need to add an additional field to the query. So, the whole report or label has to be created from scratch it seems.
For our institution, all the invoices and labels have been created by one user, but who is leaving soon and his account might be closed in near future.
How can we avoid that we must recreate all the labels?
I think the whole process of creating labels and invoices should be modernized and made independent of single users.

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I agree that it would be nice to be able to uncouple certain queries from individual users and maybe restrict permissions on them in the security settings for certain user levels.

Hi @Schuchert,

Fortunately you will not need to create them from scratch, but it will be a process to transfer/create duplicates on a new user account.

I generally advise against deleting user accounts due to the issue you described. If you would like to sidestep this process, you can remove the permissions and password from the user so that it is inert outside of editing the reports and labels.

Move Report/Label to a new account

:specify6: Specify 6: (Recommended)

You can use the Import/Export Tool in Specify 6 to export all reports and labels from that user’s account and then you can reimport them on another account.

This method will create new queries and reports and assign them to the account you upload them to.

:specify7: Specify 7: (Advanced)

If you are using Specify 7 only, it is a little more complicated but you can recreate the report/label using the interface. You can navigate to the query URL that the report was based on (this can be found by logging into the old user account and copying the URL when they are viewing the query), use the Save As button in the query interface to save the query to your account, then define a new report/label based on the query the original report/label was based on. At this point, you can copy the JRXML file from the app resources editor from the existing report app resource into the newly defined one. Now you have an exact copy of the original report, query and all, that is assigned to your current account.

:specify: SQL Database:

In the spappresource table in your database you can change all of the report/label resources specifyUserID value to the ID of your current (or desired) Specify User.

In the spquery table, you need to change the specifyUserID value for the corresponding report/label queries to match your specifyUser ID as well.

You can find the queries associated with the report/label by clicking on the report/label in Specify 7. A dialog with the query will appear and you can copy the name and run a query on the spquery table to find it.

I think the whole process of creating labels and invoices should be modernized and made independent of single users.

I would too like to see the reports and labels system evolve past user-assigned resources, and have mentioned this to the team to consider.

I hope this clarifies things, but if you have any questions please let me know!

TL;DR: You will not need to remake the queries, you just need to reimport them on another account!