Multiple user access and permissions to workbench datasets

We are just getting into S7, and really excited for new Workbench options. I see lots of great info about how to use the Workbench, but I couldn’t find anything clear about whether multiple users can have access to the same workbench dataset. For example, I create a dataset in the workbench, partially populate it, then want someone else (or multiple other people to have view/edit access to it.

Similarly, what if I want them to have view/edit access to it, but NOT the permissions to upload the records??


ps. I think I have some legacy workbench ‘templates’ or mappings I am not sure where in S7 or S6 I can delete them? (cause schema issues in the backend)

Hi @HeatherC,

You cannot share a single WorkBench data set between multiple users. One user will have ownership at a time, but the ownership can be transferred between users at any time.

Permissions are set per-user, so one user can format and ready the data for upload while another user can have permission to upload to do the final import.

To transfer a WorkBench Data Set:

Go to the WorkBench Data Set in the grid editing view.

Click on Tools.

Click on Change Owner.

You can now select another user to transfer ownership to!

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Thanks for this insight! We are new to S7 have a lot of data to gather up and get into Specify, so it is good to understand how the different features work to best leverage them to our efforts!

I really appreciate the support!