Specify 6 Remote Access

I have setup and configured a test database in Specify 6. I can access the database on the machine on which the database was created and hosted (local host). But I cannot access it from a different machine on the same network (remote client).

Screenshot 2024-02-19 150241

I am using the exact same credentials on the remote client as I am on the local host. I am using the IP of the local host. I have generated a Master Key on the remote client using the same credentials I used to create a Master Key on the local host.

Could this be caused by Mariadb not being accessible from outside the local host?

I’m honestly at a dead end here. Any ideas?

This seems to be a network issue and not a MariaDB issue. Did you deploy your DB on an internal server or just another PC on your network? Some networks configurations might not allow you to access other PC on your network. Are you sure you are using the correct IP address? Do you have a local network expert that can help you out?

It may be related to this? Configuring MariaDB for Remote Client Access - MariaDB Knowledge Base

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Hi Heryk,

Thanks for responding. I have this installed in a server on my network. I have a volunteer who is a network administrator in his day job who has been looking into this issue with me. I have been able to remote in to the server desktop environment using RDP. So I am fairly certain the IP and network configurations “should” be correct, but I’ve been wrong before. I will let the person I am working with know of your suggestion.

Thanks for this!

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Thank you Mark,

I will work on this this weekend. I’ll let you know the results.

Hi @qfloch,
Perhaps i can possibly give some guidance here if the documentation @markp provided does not solve the issue.

On the localhost where you can access the Specify database, do check that your specifymaster account has access to the database From host: %, for example:

GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, ALTER, LOCK TABLES ON Ichthyology.* TO ‘specifymaster’@‘%’ IDENTIFIED BY “abcdefgh12345678”;

After this, you shouldn’t have any issues accessing the database remotely from any networked computer at your institution, provided there is no firewall blocking port 3306.