Specify 7.7.1 Release Announcement


Release Announcement

Specify 7.7.1 is our newest release. We fixed a number of bugs in Specify 7.7.0, including issues with query date outputs, form definitions, rollback performance of the WorkBench (WB), and corrected saving for preserved, embedded, Collecting Events.

In addition to the bug fixes, new features include the ability to fetch pick lists on demand, make form fields invisible, limit the height of a sub-view, modify locality preferences, display the git hash in the “About” dialog, added borders around grid form items, and several more. See below for more detail.

In the future, we will issue frequent updates to Specify 7, with a minor release every two weeks. Releases with the second number incremented, e.g. 7.6.x to 7.7.x, will include major new features, components or capabilities. Minor or “Point” releases (third number incremented), e.g. 7.7.0 to 7.7.1, will introduce smaller features with an emphasis on bug fixes.

Specify 7.7.1 is not compatible with Specify 6.8.0; it requires databases to be at the Specify 6.8.01 level.


  • Fetch pick lists on demand (#1988)
  • Allow limiting the height of SubView Grid (#290)
  • Allow making form fields invisible (#1070)
  • Rename “Add Another” to “Add” (#1922) - Reported by RBGE
  • Add ability to modify some Locality Preferences (#159) - Reported by CSIRO
  • Display Git Hash in the Specify “About” dialog (#1980) - Reported by RBGE
  • Make autocomplete search algorithm configurable (#1921, [#1935] - Reported by RBGE
  • In one to many displays in grid form, add border around each record (#1933)
  • Extend localization tests to catch misplaced strings (#1739)


  • Fix SubView Grid for dependent relationships displaying only first 20 items (#1936) - Reported by RBGE
  • Fix filters for some pick lists disappear from queries in the UI. (#1934) - Reported by RBGE
  • Fix text fields with the uitype="checkbox" being always checked (#1929)
  • Cannot export distinct query results to CSV (#1956) - Reported by CSIRO
  • Fix SubView’s sortField being ignored (#1872) - Reported by RBGE
  • Fix Query Builder not supporting European date format (#1908) - Reported by RBGE
  • Fix poor WorkBench rollback performance back (#1663)
  • Fix changes not being preserved for embedded Collecting Events (#1704)

Minor fixes:

  • Fix inconsistent wording in boolean drop-downs in Query Builder (#1931) - Reported by RBGE
  • Fix WB crashing on some permission errors (#1932) - Reported by KU Mammals
  • Fix unable to remove record from record set on no record delete permission (#1937)
  • Fix unable to empty a field assigned to a non-read only pick list (#1924) - Reported by KE Herbarium
  • Fix Query Builder marking some non-hidden fields as hidden (#1894) - Reported by RBGE
  • Fix table formatters displaying separators for empty fields (#1873) - Reported by RBGE
  • Fix “Value is not defined” error on WB record disambiguation (#1878)
  • Fix Query Builder exposing front-end only fields (#1896)
  • Fix opening WbPlanView when “Results” is open crashing WB (#1898)
  • Fix unable to unset a value from a pick list (#1892)
  • Fix forms not supporting European date format (#1875) - Reported by Cornell University
  • Fix forms not supporting relative date as default (#1874) - Reported by RBGE
  • Fix Query Builder allowing to negate an “Any” filter (#1876)
  • Fix sorting by QB results table header not working when some fields are hidden (#1880) - Reported by RBGE
  • Fix WB not handling nicely pick list values over length limit (#1837)
  • Fix QB crashing on invalid DataObjFormatter definitions (#1675)
  • Fix Specify 7 query stringids not match Specify 6 (#724)
  • Fix front-end not showing HTML error messages (#1652)
  • Fix accessibility issue with dialog headings (#1413)
  • Fix accessibility issue with autocomplete (#1986)

Specify Collections Consortium
Biodiversity Institute
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045, USA


The full changelog is available on GitHub.

Specify Users: see Specify Community Forum for more information, https://discourse.specifysoftware.org/, and see: Specify 7 | Specify Collections Consortium

System Administrators: for source code go to: GitHub - specify/specify7: Specify 7

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