Specify 7.8.11 Release Announcement


Release Announcement

Compatible with Specify 6.8.01 or newer.

7.8.11 (17 May 2023)


  • Records are now navigable using a paginator after creating new records in the same data entry session (#511Requested by many users)
  • A new attachment picker has been added for choosing attachments stored on the asset server (#2999)
  • German (Switzerland) has been added to our localization platform, Weblate (#3455Requested by NMBE)


  • Action buttons that are opposite to the main user actions when a dialog is opened have been moved to the left side in dialogs (#2620)
  • Users can no longer query the “root” node of a tree (#3442)


  • When adding an unassociated preparation to a loan, the add dialog will now disappear (#2164)
  • Draggable query lines are no longer displayed behind the dialog (#3279)
  • Spaces are now enterable anywhere in the coordinates plugin on the Locality form (#3354Reported by The University of Texas at Austin)
  • Collection Object Relationship plugins no longer display a false loading indicator (#3294)
  • Circular mappings are now removed in the WorkBench automapper unless the table is self-referential (#888Requested by many users)
  • Loans can now be created after invalid identifiers are added without reopening the creation dialog (#2280)
  • Modern tooltips no longer display on top of the contents in query combo boxes (#3401Reported by Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh)
  • Creating new loans now works as expected (#3397, #3462, #3453, #3486Reported by Virginia Institute of Marine Science)

The full changelog is available on GitHub.

For source code go to the GitHub Specify 7 repository.

For more information about Specify 7, or about this release, see Specify 7 | Specify Collections Consortium, or email support@specifysoftware.org.