Symbiota Connector not working

HI All,

The Symbiota Connector for our software isn’t working, and hasn’t for some time now. Any idea when this will be fixed? We are using Specify 6.8.01.

I’m concerned because we (Duke) are part of an NSF-funded project (GLOBAL - Bryophytes & Lichens) in which all records are being georeferenced by a central institution. We have been actively databasing many specimens over the past year and a half, but these cannot be “pushed” out to Symbiota at the moment. I’m worried that our specimen records won’t be georeferenced with all the others.

Anyone have similar concerns, and does anyone know when this button will be fixed? Thanks.

Scott LaGreca
DUKE Lichen Herbarium

actually it seems to be working now? The “push” process seems to have finished in Specify. Not sure I believe it. I’ll check our Symbiota records in a few days, when I’m certain our new records have been pushed, and report back :slightly_smiling_face: