Symbiota connector not sending determinations

We use Specify 6 and push our records to Symbiota using the built-in connectors. Since updating to Specify 6.8.01 a while ago it appears that taxonomic information does not push correctly such that in Symbiota the taxonomy comes up as “undetermined”. I have not changed anything with the mappings and it appears that the other data are transferred properly. Any suggestions on fixing this? I know there are workarounds (e.g. manually updating in Symbiota or switching to Specify 7 have both been suggested) but this feature really should be working in Specify 6. Thank you!

It appears that the reason this is not working is that you are trying to publish aggregated determinations (determination history). The tool was not originally designed to do that. The solution is to map to the current full name (by including the current field and selecting =Yes) which will just deliver the current determination. If you want determination history you are going to have to use Specify 7 and the determination history extension.

Hi @rkartzin,

After collaborating with Symbiota, they have pushed a fix on their end! You will now be able to update your records and it will include the identification history.