Symbiota Connector Issue Resolved

If you are a user of the Specify 6 Symbiota Connector you may have encountered an issue where the determinations for your Collection Objects were lost upon export.

After meeting and collaborating with the team at Symbiota, we are excited to announce that we have a resolution to that requires no update on your end!


The Specify 6.8.01 update modified how Darwin Core Archive exports are handled and separated the current determination from the occurrence.csv file and placed it in the identifications.csv file instead.

Current identification fields were removed from the occurrence.csv file, which is valid for most purposes since that data still exists within the identification.csv file in the export.

Symbiota was not processing the identification.csv extension file because it only contained the most current identification, which was already duplicated within the central occurrence file.


Symbiota has pushed a fix on their end to solve this problem. This means that Specify 6 users can send new exports to Symbiota without any update necessary!

All identification history sent from Specify to Symbiota will now be preserved. Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve this problem!

Special thanks to the team at Symbiota for meeting and working with us to resolve this issue and all of the Specify users that brought this to our attention!

We are very grateful to have such a great community and excited to have this resolved for you.