Unable to upgrade on one of non-IT computors to Specify 6.8.03

During the installation I was asked if I wanted to install to a default director. I said yes. Then I was told that the default directory was being usrd. Did I want to install there anyway? I xaid. When the instlallation finished I closed without installing. The next time I logged into Specify , I was asked to upgrade again

Hi @sginzbar,

Unless you installed to another directory upon your first installation or your institution has special locations to install software, you should install to the default directory!

You will need to use the credentials of an IT user and administrator to update the database to 6.8.03. If you are using Specify 6.8.01, you first need to update to 6.8.02 before updating to 6.8.03.

The date/time modified of the default directory, C:\Users\herbdata\AppData\Local\Specify is changing to the current date/time with the installation. There is no difference that I can tell between the installations on the two non-IT computers. I added a term Acronym to …Specify\config\backstop\dettype_search.xml. After the first installation, I get a message about the missing term, as I should. When I add the term back, the message goes away on the first computer but not on the second computer. Then when I reopen Specify, the install runs again.