Various Record Set Requests: SP7

  • Order records in record sets by query order (e.g., after sorting by catalog number)
  • Ability to skip to item in record set (e.g., skip to 135th record instead of clicking ‘next’ 135 times)
  • Add existing records to existing record set (instead of new, uncataloged item)

@Plarson I’ve got some good news!

  1. Ordering record sets by query order is something we are working on currently. It is unlikely to make it in the next release, but it is in development now!

  2. Jumping to any item in a record set will be included in the upcoming Specify 7.7 update! You will only need to type the number into the navigation field (highlighted below).

  1. Adding an existing record to a record set will be supported! Just click the + icon and you will be able to add any matching base table (Collection Object, Locality, etc.) record to the set.




You will also be able to query within record sets! If you are wanting to sort the items in the set by a certain criteria this is going to be a good way to find the records you are looking for.