Record Sets in Specify 7

:record_sets_: Record Sets

A record set is an easy way to group records together that can be easily revisited and used for things like interactions

The default permissions that Specify ships with allow Guest users to View the record sets, but not modify, add or delete them. All other users can use record sets in their entirety.

Creating a Record Set

  1. To create a blank record set click on :record_sets_: Record Sets in the navigation bar, then select New and then there will be a list of different data entry tables to choose from where it will function similarly to regular data entry.

  2. Both Simple Search and Query may return groups of records. These returns can be named and saved as a Record Set, by clicking Create Record Set at the top. This can be done with all returned results or by using the check box on the left of the records you can select just a few

Adding to a Record Set

After a record set is created to add records you can either create new records by clicking Add at the bottom or by clicking the :plus_: at the top to add any already existing records

Record Set Menu

Clicking the :pencil_: of a record set opens up a new dialog

  • Name Shows the current name of the record set and this is where it can be changed.
  • Delete Will delete the record set and remove it from the list of record sets.
  • Remarks This will show any comments made about the record set or it will be blank and can be added to.
  • Query will query from within the record set.

    Note this will also allow you to Create a Record Set from a Record Set and Export the Record Set to a CSV