Attached images cut in new tab

Hi, in Specify 6, when clicking on attached images to open and enlarge them in a new tab, the images are cut. The thumbnails and the popup window that opens when clicking the attachment buttons are ok, and the images are also ok when right-clicking to open them in an external viewer. They are cut only when enlarged in a new tab.
In Specify 7 it looks good.

The image as it should be:

The cut image:


Hi @sorovi,

In Specify 6, you should be able to scroll within that view area to see the entire image. Are you able to scroll with your mouse or trackpad to see the rest of the image?

If not, you can open those files in an external viewer so that you can see it fitted to the view area properly as you mentioned. Specify 7 uses your browser’s built-in preview function which ensures that it displays properly.

Hi Grant,

There is no scrolling bar in that view area, so I cannot scroll to see the whole image.

I can see the full image in an external viewer but that’s not convenient, more clicks and more windows.

It’s not a big deal because most of the users will have Specify 7, but for the manager using Specify 6 it’s not good.

Do you have an idea what might the problem be?





Hi Soraya,

It looks like the image you provided appears to exceed the maximum size limit in Specify 6’s photo viewer. Unfortunately, this issue cannot be fixed in the short term as it requires an update to the Specify 6 software. I apologize for the inconvenience! I have reported this issue on GitHub for the developers to investigate further (#1205).

Thanks. Good to know.