Basic Label in the WorkBench

Basic Label

The WorkBench creates a Basic Label, similar to those used in Herbarium collections, from the following fields:

  • Family
  • CommonName
  • Genus 1
  • Determination Species 1
  • Determination Variety 1
  • Determination Species Author First Name 1
  • Determination Species Author Last Name 1
  • Start Date
  • Collector Last Name 1
  • CollectingEvent
  • Collector First Name 1
  • Latitude 1
  • Longitude 1
  • Locality Minimum Elevation
  • Locality Name
  • Remarks
  • Field Number

The Basic Label is designed to give information from each of the above fields a specific space on the label. Any fields that either do not exist in the Data Set or do not include data within the Data Set will result in a blank space on the label. In the WorkBench preview release the labels can not be edited, but the full Specify 6 release will f full editing capabilities.

The easiest way to create the label is to ‘drag and drop’ a Data Set onto the ‘Basic Label’ action on the sidebar. This eliminates the need to choose a Data Set for the Label.

Or, click the ‘Basic Label’ action. The following dialog will appear:


Choose Data Set

Select a DataSet and click ‘ok’. Fill in the label information using the Label Properties dialog.


Label Properties

The Label Properties dialog will not close until the Title, Subtitle and Footer have information entered in their text area. To leave the Title, Subtitle or Footer area blank on the label type a space in the text area.

The labels will display in the Workspace in two columns.


Sample Labels

Buttons at the top of the Workspace control the display size and allow the labels to be saved and printed.


Button controls for the Labels