WorkBench Reports


The WorkBench creates the following reports from values in one Data Set column:

Report Description
Reports16x16Data Set Summary Groups, and counts and groups, unique items and displays them in descending alphanumeric order. This provides an overview of the values for any given column as well as a mechanism for checking the integrity of the data.
BarGraph16x16Chart Creates a bar chart of all the unique values in a single column. These graphs may not display correctly with large numbers of unique values.
PieChart16x16Top 10 Creates a Pie Chart showing the 10 most common items by count for a single column in the Data Set.


The WorkBench also creates a Basic Label, similar to those used in Herbaria collections, from the following fields:

  • Family
  • CommonName
  • Genus 1
  • Determination Species 1
  • Determination Variety 1
  • Determination Species Author First Name 1
  • Determination Species Author Last Name 1
  • Start Date
  • Collector Last Name 1
  • CollectingEvent
  • Collector First Name 1
  • Latitude 1
  • Longitude 1
  • Locality Minimum Elevation
  • Locality Name
  • Remarks
  • Field Number