Batch Redetermine Specimens using the WorkBench

This guide shows how to add a new determination to a group of specimens while keeping the old, now outdated one as a part of the determination history.

  1. First, we will open the Workbench :workbench_: and select Import File:

  2. After importing a spreadsheet containing the Catalog Numbers of the objects you want to batch redetermine and the Taxa names parsed to match the tree, you can upload it to the WorkBench and select “Determination” as your base table when Creating an Upload Plan:

    From here, you can easily map the columns to the correct respective fields:

  3. Now you can run the validation process and ensure that the data matches existing records only or which cells will create new values if you would like that.

    Fortunately, my data set validation completed without any errors:

Congratulations, now you can Upload this data set to the database and you will have the new determinations added to the existing records!