Checkbox default="true" is not making checkbox checked by default

Hello, there,
We have noticed that in the form definitions, for a checkbox in Specify7, the attribute default=“true” does not seem to make the checkboxes checked by default. Is there a different attribute to use in Sp7? The same form def is Sp6 defaults to checked normally.


Hi @twilson,

I am unable to replicate this, if I use the demo instance, and create field yesNo1 in the Collection Object table, I am successfully able to toggle the default between checked and unchecked using the default="true" and default="false" respectively.

It could be browser cache issue that is making it appear that the change is not successfully being applied. I always sign out and then sign in again, after form changes or schema config updates, and this causes the changes to be reflected in the UI. A private browsing tab (because it doesn’t transfer the cookies) is also a method that you can quickly use if you want to give it a go on the demo instance (I have left the yesNo1 field at the top of the form ready to go if you want to test it out!)

If it is not the above, I am sure a member of the Specify team will be able to help you out further!