Determination history

We actively enter determination history for herbarium vouchers in Specify 6. It appears to be information that can be viewed in Symbiota portals. Is there a way to map it for import in Specify Symbiota connector or as a csv?

There are two ways that you could potentially do this. One would be through using the identification history extension to DwC and mapping individual determinations using the new Specify 7 publishing tool. This would allow you to map not only the determination name but also determiner and date for each determination. The other (and less likely to work) would be to map the whole determination table to scientific name in DwC and use the table formatter and aggregator to string all your determinations together. Symbiota would then have to parse these out on their end (which I think is the part that would not work). These could also be parsed out in a CSV file for import that way.

Thank you for your reply. I have Specify 7 connection to our server, however there is a mismatch between our 6.8.01 database and Specify 7. Is there a newer version of Specify 7 with the new Specify 7 publishing tool? I can use Specify 7 for remote data entry, however, the mismatch has been a message since I have begun using it in early 2020.

Can you explain what you mean by a “mismatch”? Can you send a screenshot of the “message” you mention? Specify 6 and 7 should be “talking” to the same database and you should be able to use either. The publishing tool has been in Specify 7 for some time but does not have a traditional UI like in Specify 6. It requires some knowledge of XML. The process can be reviewed here: Darwin Core Archive Publishing · specify/specify7 Wiki · GitHub

I have looked at the these links before but will need to try to actually work with it. Since it was from 2018, I thought there might be a newer version. Here is a screen shot with mismatch window attached to e-mail.

Yes, it does appear that you are behind in Specify 7 versions. The current version is 7.6 and can be downloaded and installed from our Github repository.

Aha! Thank you. I will have contact IT dept responsible for helping with it.