Edit Preparation Type in Specify 6

Editing the Preparation Type

Choose System > System Setup > Configuration to edit the Preparation Type.

When entering a Collection Object within a form the Preparation Type is a Pick List that is derived from the Preparation Type table. Since there are no forms for this Table the Preparation Type has its own editing function.

  • Click on the (Preparation Type) icon
  • Click the(add) icon to add a Preparation Type

  • or
  • Edit an existing Prep Type by using the (Navigation Control) to find the desired Preparation Type. The Navigation Control is found at the bottom of the work space window.
  • Click the Save button to save changes

Check the Is Loanable box to allow the Preparation Type to be available within the Loan form. Not checking the box will ensure that the Preparation Type is not made available when creating a loan.

If a non-loanable Preparation Type is selected when creating a loan a warning dialog will appear informing the user that the chosen specimen(s) are not loanable.