Edit the Form Grid to Display Different Fields Than the Subform

To get the form grid to display different fields than the subform:

There are two steps to editing the grid view to look different than the subview;
a) create a second view and viewdef for the table
b) point the original table grid viewdef to the newly created table viewdef.

For this example, I will use Preparation, but the steps will be the same for all tables with grid views.

  1. Copy the View for Preparation and paste it in the xml.

  2. Rename the second Preparation view to give it a unique name. Assign that name wherever you see ‘preparation’ in the view.


  1. Do the same for the Preparation Viewdef, changing the name in both the formtable and form viewdef.


  1. Modify the duplicated form’s viewdef to take out whichever fields you do not want to see in the grid view on the data entry forms. You can also change the order of appearance here.

  2. Once the form has the fields you want to see and has removed the fields you do not want to see, change the formtable’s definition to the duplicated viewdef’s name.


  1. Save the changes.