How to Send an Error or Specify Log File

There are two ways to gain access to the Error and Specify logs; via Specify and a system file. If you have not closed Specify since the issue occurred, you can access the log files via Specify or the system files. If you have closed Specify, you will have to gain access via the system files. The Error and System files are cleared out each time Specify is restarted on a machine. If you have restarted Specify on the same machine since the issue occurred, it will have been erased and the issue will have to be reproduced in order to see the error that resulted from the issue that occurred.

Immediately after the issue occurs:

  1. Go to Help->Show Log Files

  2. In the Log Files window, there are two tabs; Error and Specify. Copy the text from the appropriate tab or both tabs and send it to or the email given to you.

If you have closed Specify but not logged in again after the error occurred:

  1. Navigate to the Error logs on your computer.

  2. On a PC, the error logs can be found in the Specify directory under the username you are logged into the computer as. For example: C:\Users\USERNAME\Specify

  3. On a Mac, the error logs can be found in the /Users/USERNAME/Specify directory.

  4. Send the error_sys.log and/or specify.log to or the email given to you.